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Taylor's Tour: Register for Your Tickets Here!

Taylor Swift announced a summer stadium tour yesterday.  The tour kicks off in Arizona in May, and she’ll be at MetLife Stadium July 21st.  Tickets go on sale through Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program on December 13th, which is Taylor’s birthday!  You can register for tickets HERE.

After Tweeting about her long-lost aunt on Saturday, “Shameless” star Emmy Rossum has connected with her relatives on Long Island!  Emmy found her aunt and three cousins in Suffolk County (they did not reveal what town), who knew they were related to her, but had never actually met or spoken to her.  Twenty-two year old Alexis Minichini tweeted, “Hi Emmy!  I’m Laura’s daughter, except out last name begins with an M not a P.  My mom wants to see u.”

Mariah Carey has turned "All I Want for Christmas Is You" into an industry of its own, using it to launch a kids' book, a line of holiday ornaments and a brand new movie.  The craziest thing about that? She didn't even want to do the song in the first place.  Mimi tells Billboard, "I felt like it was a little bit too early in my career to be doing a Christmas album. And then...I decided to do it. I'm very thankful that people seem to still have an attachment to it. It makes me feel good when people tell me that it's part of their lives. The crazy thing about it is, every year it tends to increase in popularity.”  Carey produced and narrates the animated film All I Want for Christmas Is You , featuring a young Mariah in search of the perfect holiday puppy. It’s set for release today! 

Amazon has officially announced that it's developing a Lord of the Rings TV series.  The television adaptation will explore new storylines preceding the stories from the movies we already know.  The streaming service has already given the series a multi-season production commitment.

Mattel announced yesterday that they will be making their first Barbie that will wear a hijab.  The latest doll in its “Shero” collection will be modeled after Olympic fencer Ibithaj Muhammed, who was the first American to compete in the games while wearing a hijab last year.  The doll will go on sale next year.


PHOTO:  John Salansang/Invision/AP