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Kelly Clarkson Ditches "Idol" for "The Voice"

The reboot of “American Idol” was supposedly interested in bringing on Kelly Clarkson as a judge, but doesn’t look like that’s happening.  Kelly has signed on to join “The Voice” as a coach!  Producers announced she will join Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and an unnamed 4th coach for the spring 2018 cycle of the show – season 14.  Fellow “Idol” alum Jennifer Hudson is also joining “The Voice” for the show’s 13th season.  Meantime, Simon Cowell has declined an invitation to judge “American Idol.”  He said, “I was asked to do it. The answer is no. My memories are when we first started – Randy, Ryan and Paula. You can’t re-create that.”

An email that Steve Harvey allegedly sent his staff has leaked online, and it’s not very funny.  He makes it clear that he’s tired of random “ambushes,” and will only speak to staff by appointment.  The email read:  "There will be no more meetings in my dressing room. No stopping by or popping in. NO ONE. Do not come into my dressing room unless invited," the email read, according to images online. "Do not open my dressing room door. IF YOU OPEN MY DOOR, EXPECT TO BE REMOVED. My security team will stop everyone from standing at my door who have the intent to see or speak to me."

When Lady Gaga stars in the upcoming film, “A Star is Born,” alongside Bradley Cooper, she has decided to use her real name in the credits:  Stefani Germanotta.

Caitlyn Jenner has admitted that she doesn’t talk to Kim Kardashian.  She said, "I love Kimberly, I think she's a wonderful person. But, well, to be honest with you – I really haven't talked to her in a long time. I've kind of let everything calm down. So I kind of stay – you know, I keep my distance. I'm out there trying to make a difference in the world. There's a lot of drama in the Kardashian family. This is my book about my opinions on things that had happened with me and my family. Any time I express my opinion, you know, with my family, there's always challenges in doing that.”  Caitlyn also is not on speaking terms with Kris Jenner, who claimed that Jenner’s recent memoir is untruthful.


There is nothing more freeing than being true to yourself #SecretsOfMyLife

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Movies opening this weekend include:  “King Arthur:  Legend of the Sword,” “Snatched,” and “Lowriders.”


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